Be inspired Рshort reel of Yoga + Science Conference presented by Eddie Stern and Marshall Hagins in partnership with The School of Health Professions, Long Island University and JIYO. Namarupa was there and will publish full transcriptions & presenter videos soon(er or later)! Featuring Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois (at the end) and music by Moby. One-day conference for scientists, yogis & meditators who wish to explore the most recent scientific evidence on the positive effects of yoga on healing, cell regeneration, longevity & consciousness.

Yoga + Science Conference

Short video of the course held in September 2016 at Tapovan Kuti in Uttarkashi, Himalayas, India.

Watch a short video and get some Peace of Mind. Mostly in Hindi by Adwaita Ishavasya but sweetly translated into English by Jayant Hardikar while Prakash Chandrra listens intently. Hang on till the delightful ending. One day we may get subtitles!

Peace of Mind

In October 2016 NAMARUPA took a group of hardy pilgrims up into the Himalayas to take holy dips at the Pancha Prayags, the sacred river confluences. Prayags are places of particularly powerful spiritual influence where pilgrims go to bathe away their sins, purify and heal their bodies and minds, pray for their ancestors, perform rituals, and possibly meet saints who frequent the prayags. or simply to sit spellbound in the natural beauty and peacefulness that permeates the atmosphere.

Namarupa Pancha Prayag Yatra 2016