Exploring the Depth Of Yogic Practices

Podcast on Escaping SamsaraInterviews With Yogis, Monks and Mystics

  • Interview with Robert Moses
    by Nathan A. Thompson and Produced by Evgeny Dziatko
    for “Escaping Samsara“.
  • First glimpses beyond the physical plain of existence
  • Intense yoga practice, meditation and fasting
  • Hitchhiking through Europe
  • “Cry, The Beloved Country” – growing up in South Africa
  • The “Continuum concept” (Jean Liedloff)
  • “You can’t just have bad people in the world raising kids” (Norman Allan)
  • Bhakti practice, subtle forms of Tridoshas – Tejas, Ojas and Prana
  • Brahmacharya in the context of househoder path
  • Looking behind the bandhas
  • Uddara – the forgotten bandha
  • Addendum: Where to fit a mudra practice?

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