Grass Roots with Robert Moses

Listenย here: Grass Roots with Robert Moses
“Robert Moses shares with us the wisdom heโ€™s learned about holding strong to the middle path, staying true to oneself, and connecting to something greater.ย Iโ€™m sure you will find this interview as historically fascinating and personally enlightening as we did.”

The Finding Harmony Podcast by Harmony Slater:

🙏 Thanks to Harmony Slater for asking lots of questions
“What is yoga? How does yoga work? How will it improve my life? How can I deepen my personal practice? What strategies can I use to improve my life, increase my health and create wellness? How can craft a life that I love?
The Finding Harmony Podcast gets to the root of all these questions. Each episode is full of inspiration, humour, honest observations, and actionable steps that you can integrate to enhance your experience of yoga and develop a life you truly love?”

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