“WOW! This is amazing. What beautiful words, thoughts and ideas, Keshav! And fantastic editing and storytelling – this was a joy to watch. I learned a lot, and watched it twice.” – Eddie Stern

“Have known Keshav for a while – this video gives the deepest insight into the universe at the confluence of art and spirituality.” – Govinda Rajan

Ananda! Once in a while we get this feeling. But its for a very little time. What humans would like to do is to extend it – make it infinite. And that infinite ecstasy is Krishna. Ananda is THE final abode. So my idea is to express him as joy personified. The celebration. He enjoys life despite the fact that he is always in trouble!” – Keshav

Keshav is a cartoonist and painter living in Chennai, South India. A prolific and imaginative artist, devoted to Lord Krishna, daily he Tweets a new image of Krishna @keshav61. In this video interview for Nāmarūpa, Keshav talks about his evolution as an artist and provides insightful wisdom on the symbolism within Indian art. Music is by G.S. Sachdev, master of the bansuri.


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