Advaita Vedanta Basics

Advaita Vedanta stems from the ancient Upanishads. It is a non-dual philosophy which emphasizes that the essential oneness of all is reality, and that the universal appearance of infinite forms as only apparent. It asserts that the ‘self’, atman, is none other than the absolute universal consciousness, brahman, and that the full realization of this knowledge is the means to liberation, moksha, whereby the notion of a seemingly separate individual, jiva, disappears, since it was never actually separate at the outset. Discussion will be based on the introductory text Tattva BodhaKnowledge of Truth—and the longer VivekachudamaniCrest-Jewel of Discrimination—both attributed to Adi Guru Sankaracarya, an 8th century scholar saint and Vedanta’s most prominent exponent. It is not certain that Sankaracarya authored these easy-to-follow texts but, for our purposes, their clear explanation of the basics of Advaita Vedanta are quite sufficient as we explore this revealing philosophy.

9-10 AM Eastern Time
SUNDAYS, JULY 19 through AUGUST 16 

Classes are live on ZOOM led by Robert Moses.
Online slide excerpts from the texts, discussion of their meaning, Q&A.

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