Dev Bhumi Yatra 2010 :: Completed


This time we head up to the high Himalayas for a unique gathering of swamis and sadhus at the sacred shrine of Badrinath. Here the image of Lord Vishnu in padmasana was installed by Sankaracarya, the eminent expounder of advaita vedanta. The swamis are convening to re-energize the traditional practice of reading aloud from Sankara’s commentaries on seminal scriptures. Our journey begins by meeting in New Delhi, then embarking on an age-old pilgrimage via Vrindavan where we celebrate Radha’s colorful day of glory filled with chanting and ecstatic dancing. After a side-trip to visit that masterpiece of vaastu, the Taj Mahal, we resume our way northwards to halt in holy Haridwar and worship Mother Ganga where she meets the plains. Next we climb northward into the majestic Himalayas for an arduous trek (or pony ride) to Kedarnath, one of the twelve famous Jyotir Lingams, descend to Rudraprayag and then again travel further upwards till we reach our main goal at the shrine of Badrinath and join the Sankara Bashya Parayana where swamis will be engaged in continuous reading aloud from Sankara’s important commentaries. This chance of a lifetime meeting is a unique opportunity to experience the tradition of parayana, and to participate in homas (fire worship rituals). During our days in this spritually charged atmosphere we will also meditate, practice yoga and take short treks in the mountains.