HARE & THE HEDGE WOMAN: Stories from the Forest

Now there is a forest. The trees stand watchful, rooted in dreaming soil…

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In an infinite woodland somewhere between waking and dreaming, wandering souls gather round a fire to share the only things they have: stories.

A young girl begins a tale she inherited from her grandmother, a fable about a tribe of tiny people in search of a new tree to call home, but this innocent yarn contains another story within it, which encases yet another. So we follow the interweaving mycelia of story deeper and deeper into the forest soil, toward a core of darkness and transformation.

In these tales we encounter serpents that sleep beneath our dreams, a singing goat, a city made of bookshelves, women impregnated by blackberries, the unmaking of industrial civilization, and God herself. Through them all wanders the canny girl who calls herself Hare, the heart-and-guts-guided girl who left her home and went to another world to become a knower of Secrets—a hedge woman.


This is the limited second edition release of Hare and the Hedge Woman. Please contact Satya if you have questions about international shipping.

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