JUNE 21 – 27, 2023 with Robert & Meenakshi Moses

Join Robert & Meenakshi Moses for a Yoga Retreat amongst the magical mountains of Andalusia at “Casa de los Pavos Reales“ – “House of Peacocks“ – near to Guacin, a whitewashed village with wild views across the straits of Gibraltar to Morocco.

The “House of Peacocks“ is a place where peacocks display their feathers, cockerels crow, hens lay eggs, fantails flirt, turtle doves hum, dogs keep guard, love birds chatter, a cat purrs, and bees flourish on the nectar of datura. There are walks amongst almond, olive, carob and cork trees, and rivers and gorges for wild swimming. Enjoy sunsets on roof terraces and refresh yourself in the salt water pool and in the overgrown courtyard filled with the scent of orange blossom. Scroll down to see the beautiful picture gallery.

The daily program of sadhana will include sunrise meditation, pranayama, asana, sthula and sukshma vyayama, mantra chanting, and discussion. Robert will guide meditation, pranayama and sthula vyayama sessions while Meenakshi will guide the sukshma vyayama and asana classes.

The retreat is limited to 12 guests.

Please go here to register and pay a non-refundable deposit of $108.00


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