Intermediate Pranayama with Robert Moses

The aim of these classes is to learn the mechanics of deep breathing and yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) that will help calm the sympathetic nervous system, boost the parasympathetic nervous system, enhance the immune system, and maintain emotional and mental balance in these stressful times. Theory is good but a regular daily practice is more essential. We follow the major kumbhakas (breath retentions) outlined in the Hathapradeepika of Yogi Svatmarama (circa 15th. century CE.) with a lot of scientific explanation and verification.
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4 CLASSES ON WEDNESDAYS 7:30-8:30 AM USA Eastern Time.
Yoga pranayama methods with bandhas. For people who have taken the earlier Beginners and Intermediate classes, or have an established pranayama practice. Learn the useful breath retention pranayamas outlined in Hathapradeepika to cleanse the nadis and unite prana and apana, leading to a healthy, resilient and energized body-mind. If times are an issue, classes are recorded and posted to Vimeo and our resources page. I will send you the link with password. If you’re unable to donate please email me to enroll or learn more.

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You will receive a link to the ZOOM Meeting ID and Passcode in the confirmation email. Please keep them safely and do not share with anyone. You only need to register once on ZOOM for all 4 classes. Looking forward to seeing you in the class on Zoom. Best wishes, Robert.

Tips to Prepare & FAQ

  • Download Zoom here and create a free account to become familiar with it beforehand. Not essential as Zoom will automatically download when you join your first meeting.
  • Arrange a place where you can either sit cross-legged on the floor, or on a straight backed chair in front of your computer for the class. Be comfortable. Use blankets or cushions. We will end with a relaxation so try to have some space to lie down on your back.
  • Please don’t eat beforehand. Warm liquids are OK about 30 minutes beforehand. Wash hands well before class as we will be touching our noses.
  • If you know neti (cleansing the nasal cavities) please do it before the class. If you do not know neti simply wash your nasal cavities out with warm water to enable you to breathe more freely.
  • Watch (and download) this video we made for focusing the mind, warming up the body and boosting the immune system. Please try to do these before the breathing class. Do them daily. To download the video click on the Vimeo logo on the bottom right hand of the pop-up screen and it will take you to Vimeo’s page to download.
  • If you would like to start immediately – before the dates above, please email me for recorded classes.