Kriyas, Bandhas & Mudras with Robert Moses: Live on Zoom


In Chapter Three of the Hathayogapradeepika there are ten important mudras. These are a combination of previously described pranayama kumbhakas combined with asanas and bandhas. The aim of these mudras is the eventual awakening of kundalini shakti. For most of us it is a distant goal, however the road always begins with one step. Open to people that have taken the Intermediate and Advanced Pranayama Classes and those who have their own advanced practice and a balanced lifestyle. Theory is good but a regular daily practice is more essential. We follow the kriyas, mudras and bandhas outlined in the Hathapradeepika of Yogi Svatmarama (circa 15th. century CE.) with some scientific explanation and verification. Register below and please also read the “Tips to Prepare & FAQ”. 👉🏽Sign up for News here.

KRIYAS, BANDHAS & MUDRAS: APRIL 11, 18, 25, & MAY 2, 2021
4 CLASSES ON SUNDAYS 7:30-8:30 AM USA Eastern Time.
If you have taken the Intermediate and Advanced Pranayama Classes and wish to explore Hathayoga in depth, then this class is a good option. Mahamudra, mahabandha, mahavedha, uddiyanabandha, mulabandha, jalandharabandha and viparitakarani are seven of the ten mudras in the Hathayogapradeepika that will be taught. According to the text, “They destroy old age and death“. The ultimate aim of the yoga in Hathayogapradeepika is to attain the state of “unmani avastha” or the transcendent state of [no]mind. As distant as this goal may be, the combination of kriyas (cleansing acts), bandhas (locks) and mudras (seals) will be helpful in calming and stilling the emotions and mind, leading towards one’s own inner peace. Some exercises from Sukshma Vyayama will also be practiced. Registrants should have a moderate, balanced lifestyle, regular sleep, a healthy diet and avoidance of stimulants. If timings are an issue, classes are recorded and posted to Vimeo and our resources page. If you’re unable to donate please email me to enroll.

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