Meditation Satsang – Live on Zoom

With Robert Moses
Thursday June 1, 2023
6:00 – 7:00 AM Eastern Time USA

NOTE: The SATSANG will also be on INSTAGRAM LIVE so Follow @rmosesnamarupa and join the Satsang.


Meditation, Sadhana and Satsang  are the most important and helpful habits to keep us focussed on a fulfilled life. Meditation is sitting still and focussing the mind. Sadhana is the constant attempt to maintain a spiritual awareness of your life. Satsang is getting together with other people who are trying to do the same. Sadhana can be meditation, repetition of mantras, puja or worship, prayer, asanas, pranayama, mudras, reading uplifting texts, going on pilgrimage to sacred places — any of these and more. It becomes a positive habit and builds a firm foundation for spiritual evolution.

One morning each month please join me for an hour of Meditation and Satsang. An hour of practice, from silent meditation to mantra chanting, reading and discussion. Practices based in the ancient traditions of India such as various Yogas and Vedanta which have the attainment of Moksha (Liberation) as their goal will be the foundation of the Sadhana at the Satsang.

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The satsang is recorded in the Cloud and and will be available for replay for one week after the live class. You will receive the link shortly after the completion of each live class.

I look forward to seeing you online and spending an uplifting hour together.

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