Nectar, Nadis & Nervous System: NY July’17 :: Completed

A Weekend Retreat with Eddie & Jocelyne Stern & Robert Moses
Special guest speaker: Pastor NaRon Tillman

Friday July 21 @ 6 PM to Sunday July 23 @ 5 PM

Over the past two years, Robert and Eddie have been investigating and exploring the effect of pranayama and meditation on the nervous system, experimenting with heart rate variability measurements, and looking into the yoga texts that focus on pranayama. Their findings and discoveries will be the focus of this year’s retreat; they will teach several pranayama and meditative practices that have been shown to have a profound effect on physiological, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. ❤ We will begin each day with an early morning meditation practice with Jocelyne, followed by pranayama and led classes, and lectures from Robert and Eddie each afternoon. The days will close with evening meditation, chanting, and Q&A. We will be following a more intensive, retreat-like schedule this year; in retreat settings, we can reaffirm our commitment to spiritual practice as part of our everyday lives. We look forward to having you join us!

$200 before June 15 $245 thereafter. Register at

Ashtanga Yoga New York • 206 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Please visit for our full schedule

Program during the Nectar, Nadis & Nervous System Retreat

6:30pm Ganapati Homa 
6am Meditation: Jocelyne
7am Pranayama class: Robert
8am Led Primary: Eddie
10-11 tea break 
11-12:30 Lecture:Yoga and the Nervous System: Robert and Eddie
12:30 Lunch 
4pm Lecture Yoga and the Nervous System: Robert and Eddie 
5pm Pranayama class: Robert and Eddie
6pm Meditation: Jocelyne
7pm Pastor Tillman

6am Meditation: Jocelyne
7am Pranayama class: Robert
8am Led Primary: Eddie 
10-11 tea break 
11-12:30 Yoga in Theory and Practice: Robert and Eddie 
12:30-2pm Lunch
2-3pm Yoga in Theory and Practice: Robert and Eddie
3:30-4pm Q&A: Robert, Jocelyne and Eddie 
4-5pm Final pranayama practice & Meditation: Robert and Jocelyne