Pranayama Intensive (Int & Adv) Recorded Videos – July 2022



Daily pranayama over a period of 5 days to help calm the mind, energize the body and lead towards deeper states of meditation and peacefulness. In the Hathayogapradeepika the very first verse imparts the full purpose of the practices of Yoga:

I salute the primeval Lord Siva, who taught Parvati the Hathayoga-vidya, which is as a stairway for those who wish to attain the lofty Raja-yoga (deep meditation).

Practices included Kapalabhati, Resonance breathing, Nadi Shodhana, Bhastrika variations, Nadi Samanu, Viloma, Anuloma, Pratiloma, Brahmari and Murccha kumbhakas. The intensive is suitable for intermediate and advanced students. The focus is on practice rather than theory. The aim is for practitioners to experience the effects of a regular and consistent pranayama practice. Practitioners should have a moderate balanced lifestyle, regular sleep and a healthy diet.

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