Pure Practice Pranayama • Intermediate: Robert Moses: Live on Zoom


The aim of these classes is to practice deep breathing and yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) that will help calm the sympathetic nervous system, boost the parasympathetic nervous system, enhance the immune system, and maintain emotional and mental balance in these stressful times. Theory is good but a regular daily practice is more essential. We follow the major kumbhakas (breath retentions) outlined in the Hathapradeepika of Yogi Svatmarama (circa 15th. century CE.) with a lot of scientific explanation and verification. Register below and please also read the “Tips to Prepare & FAQ 👉🏽Sign up for News here. Graphic by Satya Moses. On Instagram @satya.mo and satyamoses.com 

APRIL 14, 21, 28 & MAY 5, 2021
4 CLASSES ON WEDNESDAYS 7:30-8:30 AM USA Eastern Time.
If you have taken the Beginners and Intermediate Classes and wish to further and deepen your regular pranayama practice then this class is for you. These classes will focus completely on one hour of “Pure Practice”. There will be complete guidance but less explanation. We will practice the major kumbhakas outlined in the Hathayogapradeepika and follow the techniques and methodology outlined in that text. The aim is for participants to experience the effects of a regular and consistent pranayama practice. Registrants should have a moderate balanced lifestyle, regular sleep and a healthy diet. If timings are an issue, classes are recorded and posted to Vimeo and our resources page. If you’re unable to donate please email me to enroll.

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