Sunrise Gayatri mantra chanting at SYVP

Yatra & Yoga Synthesis 2019: Read Me

In the mind there are three defects—impurity, tossing, and the veil of ignorance. The impurity should be removed through the practice of Karma Yoga. The tossing should be removed by the means of Bhakti Yoga. The veil of ignorance should be removed by the practice of Jnana Yoga. The Yoga of Synthesis supplies the method by which the Self can be seen, loved, and served.
H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda

Reservations: To secure a place on the retreat and yatra we require a non-refundable deposit along with your registration form and a signed Travel Waiver as well as a copy of your passport or AADAR card.  Once these are received, we will assist you with further information regarding international flights, visas, suggestions for on-going travel should you stay for a longer period, and other travel requirements. We also send a suggested reading list, a packing list, and good information about temple visits and travel in India.

Not Included in The Cost Airfare to and from India (contact us for recommended flights), visa costs, airport taxes, tips, temple fees and offerings. Additional collections will be made for tipping bus drivers and assistants, and to engage local priests or guides. Bottled water, laundry, and all personal requirements during the retreat are not included.

Full payment will be due no later than June 15, 2019 Only by check, money order, or wire. Any bank charge fees originating from your bank will be added to your payment if you pay by wire.  A 50% refund, excluding deposit, will be made up to August 15, 2019. No refunds thereafter. Since the cost is based on group participation, no refunds can be made for any features not taken. No refund if cancellation occurs while the yatra is in progress. Deposits and reservations are not transferrable unless for extenuating circumstances. Please read, sign, and return the travel waiver.

Visas You are responsible for your visa if required. Tourist visas (or eVisas) are required.

NOTE: US Citizens who want 10 year multiple entry tourist visas START HERE: You begin the process on CKGS Website and then are transferred to the Indian Government Website to fill in the forms and are then sent back to CKGS to submit your application. US Citizens who want only Tourist eVisas GO HERE: eVisas are easier, quicker and less expensive. Good option for one visit of 60 days or less. If you think you will go to India more often get a 10 year multiple entry Tourist Visa. Citizens of other countries please check with your Indian Embassy or for more information see

Health Concerns: You may be subject to jet lag, varied climatic conditions, train and bus rides, dust and air pollution, very different food, crowds of people, unfamiliar sights and sounds. These all take their toll. On a subtler level, daily yoga practice and darshan in the temples are often powerfully moving experiences and hidden feelings and emotions can be brought to the surface. These can be overwhelming for the first-time visitor to India, but Her incredible hospitality, warm humanity, and abundant spirituality always come through and touch everyone in a deep and mysterious manner. Bring what comforts you in the way of any health needs or medications: anti-diarrhea tablets, mosquito repellent, sun block, basic first-aid items, etc. In case of emergencies, doctors and pharmacies can be found. If you have any medications that you need, you must bring them with you. Bottled water is always available for you to purchase. Contact us if you have any special health concerns. Here is a good website for travelers with health concerns:

Immunizations and Travel Waiver No immunizations are required but several are recommended by the Atlanta CDC. Please read, sign, and return the travel waiver.

What to Bring Bring only one check-in bag and one small carry-on backpack for day/overnight trips. We will send you a detailed packing list once you sign up. Passport and money must be kept secure in a neck pouch or money belt. Have a copy of the info and visa page of your passport. Call your bank to tell them that you are traveling in India. There are ATMs everywhere. Carry about $200 US cash.

Ashram Contact Information:
Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham
Swami Govindananda or Sudarsan Etavalath  
Kodakkad P.O. ( via Thrikkaripur ) 671310 
Pilicode Panchayath, Hosdurg Taluk
Kerala, India 671 310
+91 – 854 787 9642

Robert Moses:
USA Mobile +1 (603)933-0266 INDIA Mobile ‭+91 7560983918‬
Radhakunda das:
INDIA Mobile  +91 9930141802‬

Nāmarūpa Categories of Indian Thought An important aspect of the yatra will be to gather audio-visual and literary material that may appear in future issues of Nāmarūpa.  Your ideas and input are very welcome.