Yoga of Synthesis Retreat: Program

Yoga is a complete life. It is a method which overhauls all aspects of the human personality. It is a system of integral education, education not only of the body and the mind or the intellect, but also of the inner spirit.
H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda


At the Yoga of Synthesis retreat we will have full days dedicated to practice and study of the deeper aspects of Jnana, Hatha, Raja, and Bhakti Yoga, with insights gleaned from the Ayurvedic tradition.

Teachers on The Yoga of Synthesis Retreat
Dr. Robert Svoboda will be present for full days on October 5, 6 and 7 and will discuss the Indriyas (Sense Organs) and the Pancha Mahabhutas (Five Elements) as taught in Ayurveda, and their relationship with yoga sadhana.
All the other teachers will be present throughout the entire retreat and available for discussions and questions.
Robert Moses will lead Hatha Yoga and Pranayama classes as taught in the Sivananda system. He will also give talks on the Respiratory, Cardio-vascular and Nervous Systems, and how ancient yogic techniques play a crucial role in effecting their health.
Swami Govindananda will give talks on Advaita Vedanta, a pre-eminent orthodox system of non-dual philosophy. He will also explain the principles underlying the tantric system of worship with the elements, and the homa (fire ritual) prevalent in Kerala, South India
Rishi Chaitanya will perform two elaborate rituals, a homa to Lord Ganesha and a Guru Puja.
Radhakunda das will explain the premise of the bhakti traditions and teach us call and response kirtan (chanting). He will also lead us on outings to various temples in the vicinity.

The retreat will begin with a colorful and inspiring homa to Ganesha, Lord of Beginnings, remover of obstacles and bringer of good luck. Each day will start with early morning silent meditation, followed by Sukshmya Vyayama (subtle and simple warm up exercises to get the prana flowing). After a tea break we will practice pranayama and asanas according to the Sivananda system—focussing on tuning the respiratory and nervous systems and progressing each day. During the day, talks and discussions on Jnana and Vedanta as well as the role of Bhakti and Karma will be held. Further practice sessions in the afternoon. Evening satsangs will combine silent meditation and group chanting.

We will also schedule outings to the important temples in the area and attend Ganga arati at Har Ki Puri in Haridwar.

There will be two delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals each day.