Thank You

Blessed Self,

Thank you for your kind and generous donation to NAMARUPA BHANDAVA. We are supporting two initiatives in the Himalayas. Your donation will go towards helping KASHIKA fulfill their dreams of building a community and education center near Joshua in the Himalayas. One day perhaps you can visit, breathe in the fresh air and absorb the timeless healing spiritual energy of the region. Until then we will keep posting pictures for you to enjoy. Please spread the word. Every little bit counts.

The other initiative is to help the children of Rawada village near to Uttarkashi. The amounts needed are less and we can contribute directly from a percentage of NAMARUPA magazine and book sales.

Yours in Service

Robert Moses

Ps. NAMARUPA is an LLC and not tax-exempt. In 2017 we will be applying for non-profit status for NAMARUPA BHANDAVA.



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