Yoga Teachers Training Course in the Himalayas June 2015

I would like to spread the word about an opportunity to become a certified yoga teacher this coming June in India. I have been invited to teach a one-month International Yoga Teachers’ Training (TTC) course in the Himalayas near Dharamshala in June 2015. The course is organized by the Sivananda Yoga Center of Gurgaon, India and the course leads to certification to teach Yoga (RYT 200/Yoga Alliance).

I took my Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training in Val Morin Canada in 1974 when my guru Swami Vishnu Devananda was teaching. Swamiji had begun teachers’ courses to impart the fundamentals of Yoga and Vedanta as expounded by his Guru H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda. From 1978 until 1994 I taught Sivananda Yoga TTCs and Advanced TTCs around the world. Swamiji left his body on November 9, 1993 (strangely on my birthday) and in July 1994 I left ISYVC to marry and raise a family.

Over the past twenty years I have continued my yoga practice while raising three wonderful children with my dear wife Meenakshi and working as a photographer and co-founder and co-publisher of Namarupa, a publication about the philosophies and arts of India. Since 2007 I have been taking groups of seekers on annual Yatras to some of the sacred places of India. After the 2014 Yatra, I gave a talk about Swamiji to the students of the Sivananda Yoga Center in Gurgaon. The founder, Arun Pandala, then invited me to teach his center’s TTC. It is an honor and a blessing.

The four-week Yoga Teachers’ Training Course was originally designed by Swami Vishnu Devananda along the lines of the age old ‘gurukula’ model. Traditionally the student lived within the teacher’s ‘kulu’ or family for twelve years before venturing out to carry on the teachings. In our modern world it seems that four weeks is what busy working people can possibly manage!

During the month you completely immerse yourself in an ashram environment of like-minded people in a pure spiritual atmosphere. The daily schedule begins with early morning meditation and chanting, followed by a yoga and pranayama class. Then comes a vegetarian brunch and a karma yoga session, followed by an hour of Bhagavad Gita study or chanting. The main two-hour lecture of the day is followed by an afternoon ‘how to teach’ yoga session. Dinner is followed by evening meditation and chanting. No problem getting to sleep! Silent walks, pujas (ritual worship) and homas (sacred fires), cultural programs and talent shows are interspersed throughout. Sundays are free for study and relaxation.

I have taught many of these courses to hundreds of students in different localities around the world between 1978 and 1994 and will be leading the meditations, delivering the main lectures and teaching pranayama (breathing exercises) and kriyas (cleansing). Topics covered in the talks completely cover all aspects of the main Yogas, viz: Hatha, Raja, Kundalini, Bhakti, Karma and Jnana as well as Vedanta philosophy, karma and reincarnation and mantras. The five sheaths and three bodies of the Yoga system are studied along with traditional anatomy and physiology as well as nutrition.If you are interested in attending the course please contact me and I can send you more detailed information.

Best wishes
Robert Moses

Please note that the Sivananda Yoga Center of Gurgaon, India is not affiliated with Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers International.
However the yoga taught and practiced strictly follows the guidelines laid down by Swami Vishnu-devananda in all respects.

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