Intermediate Pranayama Recorded Videos


4 ONE-HOUR RECORDED CLASSES. The aim of these classes is to learn the mechanics of deep breathing and yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) that will help calm the sympathetic nervous system, boost the parasympathetic nervous system, enhance the immune system, and maintain emotional and mental balance in these stressful times.ย Theory is good but aย regular daily practice is more essential. We follow the major kumbhakas (breath retentions) outlined in the Hathapradeepika of Yogi Svatmarama (circa 15th. century CE.) with a lot of scientific explanation and verification. These are pre-recorded classes from January 2022. Practice one class for a week. ย You can always emailย  me with any questions and I will answer as soon as possible.ย Please see theย resources page. to learn more.ย If youโ€™re unable to donate please emailย me to enroll or learn more. 👉🏽Sign up for News here.
Graphic by Satya Moses. On Instagram @satya.moย andย

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